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Servicing our county’s roads: Our work for Lincolnshire County Council

Over the last 20 years, Minster Group has been a key player in helping shape roads across Lincolnshire. 

We’ve taken on a number of local authority works throughout the region with support from leading road contractors across the UK.

Our teams continue to work on projects to improve Lincolnshire’s road infrastructure, and, as trusted suppliers for Lincolnshire County Council, our work throughout the county has seen us work on major projects to improve road safety, ease congestion and increase capacity in our ever-growing region.

Minster Group work for Lincolnshire County Council
Minster Group work for Lincolnshire County Council

As the second largest county in England, and as a primarily agricultural area, Lincolnshire’s road network is dominated by single carriageways – and is one of the few counties in the UK without a motorway. Our road construction projects have transformed many commuters’ lives in the region, offering motorists far quicker, safer and more convenient access across the area – bridging the gap between rural and urban living in Lincolnshire.

Some of our partnership work for Lincolnshire County Council over recent years includes: 

Lincoln Eastern Bypass

The £120m project, which opened in December 2020, was a huge milestone for Lincoln, creating a 7.5km route around the east of Lincoln. The completed bypass includes four roundabouts as well as a 140 metre bridge over the River Witham. 

Our teams supported the project with road surfacing, reinstatement work, drainage installation and construction of an entirely new roundabout on the A15 Sleaford road. We were also responsible for creating the adjacent footpath and cycleway. 

The new bypass has encouraged growth, minimised traffic congestion and enhanced the inter-city environment of Lincoln.

The A46 Dunholme/Welton roundabout

The £5.6m project, which opened in June 2021, involved excavating 40,000 tonnes of material, installing over two miles of new kerbing and 22 new street lighting columns. 

Our teams were contracted to create a new three-armed roundabout, build half a mile of new road, paint three miles of new white lining, and realign and straighten the dangerous bend on Lincoln Road – previously a notorious accident blackspot. 

The works have significantly improved safety and reduced the number of collisions in the area.

The new A46 Dunholme/Welton roundabout opened in June 2021. Photo: LCC
The new A46 Dunholme/Welton roundabout opened in June 2021. Photo: LCC

Holdingham Roundabout

Another ongoing project for Lincolnshire County Council is the crucial transformation underway at Holdingham Roundabout in Sleaford. Our teams are helping surface the new roads with our new hotbox, increasing safety for drivers and reducing environmental impact. 

The scheme, which will finish this winter, aims to ease congestion, increase capacity and improve traffic flow in all directions.

Minster Group work for Lincolnshire County Council
Minster Group working with Lincolnshire County Council

As well as working on planned construction projects on behalf of the council, our services also include emergency works, where our teams are on call to fix road problems throughout the region. Our pothole and patch repair teams help the council keep roads moving smoothly while preventing accidents and vehicle damage. 

In Lincolnshire alone, we repair tens of thousands of potholes each year, with multiple teams working to maintain the county’s 5,500 miles of roads with the Lincolnshire Highways Alliance. In 2019, Lincolnshire was among the top five UK councils for pothole repair, with 84,974 potholes fixed in the previous year.

We respond quickly to provide long lasting repairs using the latest tools and techniques – guaranteeing quality and effectiveness. 

We’re really proud to have played such a vital role in delivering projects for Lincolnshire County Council and improving road infrastructure around our area.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our work.

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