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Our recycling initiatives: Working as an environmentally sustainable organisation

Here at Minster Group, we’re at the cutting edge of innovation and are dedicated to sustainability, recycling and environmental responsibility.

At every stage of the construction process, our teams use a variety of tools and techniques to reduce waste and recycle material, preventing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of material from going to landfill.

Whether we’re carrying our airfield projects for the ministry of Defence (MoD), or constructing new road surfacing on behalf of local authorities, 50% of all our work is carried out with zero waste, with extracted material being recycled for use in future surfacing projects.

In coordination with Alliance Recycling, our specialist recycling company, we’re able to use this recycled road material to produce new footpath surfacing, industrial yards and car parks – or it’s used to create the sub-base, base and binder course layers of new roads.

Our recycling initiatives
Our recycling initiatives

Minster is also one of the first companies in the UK to be using Foambase technology from OCL Regeneration to produce a foamed bitumen product that’s made from recycled material including asphalt, concrete and rubble. The technology enables our teams to recycle material containing coal-tar, which is deemed hazardous if it’s not handled and used correctly.

The production of Foambase produces 30% less CO² than conventional hot asphalt and we can recycle this material on-site as it’s removed from an existing surface or off-site to be used on other road surfacing projects.

Surfacing a road at Minster Group
Surfacing a road at Minster Group

We’re proud of our award winning green strategies which have been recognised by a number of organisations including the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards who awarded us with ‘Circular Economy Project of the Year’ and the Lincolnshire Environmental Awards, who honoured us with both ‘Best Business’ and ‘Overall Winner’ titles. 

We’re at the cutting edge of green civil engineering; always striving for innovation as well as researching and developing new technologies which will help us to recycle even more into the future.

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