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How we’re improving farm tracks using recycled materials

At Minster Surfacing, we pride ourselves on our green initiatives to reduce waste and cut our carbon footprint and we also care about our community.

We recycle around 50% of the material we remove from roads and almost all of the concrete that we dig up. Most of that material gets reused on-site, but we often have extra material which is suitable as a binder course material for other jobs – and we’ve now started a new venture in using this recycled material to help farmers access and navigate their land.

Lincolnshire is one of the most rural counties in the UK, producing 20% of all the food grown in the country with farms as far as the eye can see so we’re helping farmers by recycling road material to upgrade farm tracks.

Making farm tracks fit for purpose

Good farm tracks can save valuable time, prevent delays, accidents and spillages but in rainy weather – particularly in the winter- most farm tracks become impassable to all but the most tenacious tractor drivers and they deteriorate very quickly. Lots of farmers try to prevent this by getting gravel paths laid or they purchase stones and gravel and scatter it over the tracks themselves. While they might look bright and pretty for a couple of days, these gravel paths quickly deteriorate and the gravel is expensive and unsustainable as it has to be quarried.

As a road surfacing firm which works across large rural areas, we know how to make a road that can stand the test of time and endure the stresses and strains of heavy machinery so we’re turning our expertise to help farmers have better farm tracks. We’re using material from old roads as a hard course ground binder course material to make strong, durable tracks that will help farmers quickly and easily traverse their land, helping them to work more safely and more efficiently. Better yet, no new material is needed; it’s 100% recycled.

Once we’ve planned the track and laid our recycled material, all that’s needed is a surface dressing in the spring, and the road will last for ages. A big improvement!

If you’d like to improve the tracks on your farm, contact us.

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