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Introducing MinFlow: Our health and safety app

When we’re working onsite, whether it’s on highways, airfields or construction sites, we take health and safety seriously.

To keep our teams, partners and site visitors safe at all times, we use a bespoke app especially for Minster Group: MinFlow.

MinFlow Risk Assessments
Our bespoke app enables users to make point of work risk assessments easy

Developed exclusively for Minster Group and our supply chain partners, MinFlow makes comprehensive Point of Work Risk Assessments easy, fast and straightforward to carry out, using only a smartphone.

Our health and safety advisor, Sian Gidzinski explains why MinFlow is such an important part of our health & safety toolkit:

“Health and safety isn’t a box ticking exercise; it’s about thinking ahead to mitigate risks, avoid hazards and ensure every sensible step is taken to prevent accidents and injuries even in environments that are constantly changing.

“Often, this can require lots of paperwork, which can easily become overwhelming, disorganised and overlooked, taking up valuable time and failing to properly address workplace hazards.”


Assessments can be made daily or as often as they’re required, being easy to update whenever circumstances change or a new hazard emerges.

MinFlow can be used on-site, with reports saved and shared immediately, eliminating the need for sheets of paper and messy filing systems. Better yet, the system uses simple questions which guide users through the process to ensure they consider every risk and take every relevant precaution, without worrying about issues that aren’t appropriate for the work.

The MinFlow app can be used on site from a smartphone

At Minster, we pride ourselves on innovation; finding better ways of working and using technology to make work safer, simpler and more reliable. With MinFlow, we’re improving workplace health and safety, giving our workers, our clients, site visitors and supply chain partners full confidence in our risk assessments and health and safety measures.

MinFlow was created for Minster Group by Lincoln-based developers, Distract.

You can watch a short demonstration of MinFlow in action below:

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