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RAF Brize Norton

RAF Brize Norton is the largest RAF base in the UK with approximately 5,800 service personnel.

Minster Group operates a 24/7 runway repair service at the station and, over several years, has also carried out a wide range of surfacing and construction services.

Home to the RAF’s strategic and Tactical Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling, the station has a mixed fleet of aircraft that provides rapid global mobility in support of UK overseas operations and exercises.

Year round, Minster has the has the capability to provide a 24/7 runway repair service at the station. This enables the team to repair faults within minutes of them having been noticed so the station can continue playing its important role supporting the RAF around the world.

Minster has also carried out important larger-scale maintenance to the runway by removing rubber deposits on the runway surface and repainting the crucial runway markings.

The company’s satellite office at RAF Brize Norton also services other prestigious MoD stations and bases including RAF Sandhurst, Victoria Barracks and MoD Kineton. The team also resurfaced Horse Guards Parade.

Minster Group working at RAF Brize Norton

In 2018, Minster carried out a wide range of repair works across RAF Brize Norton. This included replacing and upgrading drains, painting route markings, renewing hangar door tracks and constructed a new entrance for the station.

Now completed, these works have delivered significant safety, accessibility and operational improvements.

The entrance, which was completed during the “Beast from the East” snowstorms of March 2018, improved access and traffic flow in and out of the station. Minster’s teams worked through the adverse conditions to deliver the project on time and on-budget to an excellent quality.

Minster Group working at RAF Brize Norton

Crucial to the operation and safety of an RAF station, Minster carried out improvements to RAF Brize Norton’s drainage. Surface water can create a hazard for vehicles, aircraft and personnel and fuel and oil spillages can be dangerous. The improved drains help to prevent surface water build-up, remove harmful or hazardous fuel, oils and chemical spillages and transit this material for safe disposal to avoid damaging the environment. As well as installing sub-surface water channels, we’ve also installed more than 8,000m² of permeable paving to prevent the build up of surface water and improve drainage further.

Minster Group working at RAF Brize Norton

The large aircraft hangar doors were repaired with the installation of new door tracks, ensuring the doors can continue to open and close smoothly, safely and securely.

Minster Group working at RAF Brize Norton

As with working on a road, the final task is to refresh and repaint the painted marketings. The markings on airfields are incredibly important as they provide instructions to pilots and personnel and mark the areas where vehicles are safe to drive. These are painted using durable and hard-wearing paint in a range of designated colours and designs.

“It’s always an honour to work for the RAF and as a trusted supplier for the Ministry of Defence, we’re proud to be doing so much work at this enormous station. Being Lincolnshire-based, the RAF is in our blood and so working on the big hangar doors at the station was a particularly enjoyable task for the team.”

Bruce Spencer-Knott, Managing Director of Minster Group

In 2019, Minster carried out rubber deposit removal from the station’s main runway and reinstated the runway line markings and we continue to carry out regular maintenance, resurfacing and repair work at this important station.

We are proud of our long history supporting RAF Brize Norton and the Royal Air Force.

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