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Keeping surfaces and roads dry and preventing water build-up and flooding with suitable drainage is essential for safety, accessibility and longevity.

Minster Group is an experienced and qualified contractor for the installation and maintenance of drainage for roads, yards, airfields and other paved areas. We are approved Anglian Water contractor capable of installing and maintaining foul and surface water drainage to an adoptable standard.

Whether its using underground drainage channels or water permeable paving, our teams can advise on the most appropriate solution for each project and ensure it functions properly.

For industrial yards and airfields, where harmful or hazardous chemicals, fuels or oils are used, we can ensure spillages are drained effectively and responsibly without damaging the environment.

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We offer a wide range of drainage options which are appropriate for different settings and projects. This can include permeable surfaces where rainwater can soak through a surface to the soil beneath, or underground drainage channels where large volumes of water can be transported quickly.

Drainage is an important safety consideration and it is essential for accessibility and useability.

Drainage is an important environmental consideration for every civil engineering project. Responsible water management can alleviate flood risk, prevent environmental contamination and support a balanced water table.

Suitable drainage also helps road surfaces to last longer by preventing erosion and freeze-thaw weathering.

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