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RAF Cosford

In 2020, Minster Group was hired to complete a major programme of maintenance and repair works at RAF Cosford.

RAF Cosford in Shropshire is a major part of the RAF’s technical training facilities. Founded in 1938, RAF Cosford is also home to the popular RAF Museum and the world-renowned Cosford Airshow.

In May/June 2020, Minster Group was hired after a competitive tender process to complete a programme of four works across the station.

This included maintenance and resurfacing for the runway, taxiways, dispersal and aprons.

The work was supported by supply chain partners, Colas UK, Colas Denmark and Lincs Lining.

Despite challenging weather conditions and the nationwide lockdown for COVID-19 coronavirus, the work was completed over three weeks.

The work was carried out safely and in accordance with RAF guidelines and government guidance on safe working during the coronavirus pandemic. As part of this, social distancing and good hygiene practices were maintained throughout the work.

This work was carried out with zero waste, with all extracted material being recycled for use in future surfacing projects.

Taxiway and dispersal rejuvenation

In total, 50,000m² of taxiway and dispersal was fully rejuvenated as part of the works. 

The work was carried out by Colas Denmark under the supervision of Minster Group.

RAF Cosford taxiway 1

The Northern Taxiway and Dispersal 3 areas were rejuvenated using a PenTak spray which was applied over three days.

Significant planning and logistical work was carried out to enable the Colas team to work on the site as the UK and Denmark were both in lockdown to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Once the new surface had been applied, Lincs Lining painted new markings using clear, durable and long lasting material.

Runway resurfacing

The end section of the main runway, otherwise known as the ‘piano keys’ area was repaired and resurfaced.

RAF Cosford Runway

The area was fine milled to remove a fine laminate, removing the existing slurry seal layer. This was then replaced with a polymer modified cationic slurry seal emulsion which is suitable for surfaces which sustain heavy usage and stress.

The piano key markings were then repainted by Lincs Lining.

This work was carried out by supply chain partner, Colas UK and LincsLining under Minster Group’s supervision.

RAF Cosford runway piano keys

Apron resurfacing and drainage replacement

The apron areas in front of the airfield’s hangars were fully resurfaced and the drainage was replaced and upgraded.

Aprons 1-3 were planed to remove the existing surface and this was replaced with a 6mm stone mastic asphalt (SMA). This provides a deformation-resistant and durable surface, suitable for the very heavy aircraft and support vehicles using the hangars.

RAF Cosford hangar apron

The existing apron drainage channels were removed and replaced with new drains, weighing 50 tonnes. This will help to prevent flooding and water buildup in the hangars and the important apron areas and also safely remove spilled material such as fuel and oil, which can be hazardous or harmful to the environment.

Zero waste

In line with Minster Group’s values and our aim to work smarter, cleaner and greener, all of this work was completed with zero waste.

All extracted material was saved and recycled for use in the supply chain. In this case, the material was provided to the tarmac supplier to produce RAP (recycled asphalt planings) which can be used in a wide range of surfacing projects.

This meant no material was sent to landfill and it helped to reduce the quantity of virgin mineral aggregate and oil needed for future projects, helping to reduce the impact that the industry has on the environment.